In the days of prohibition, pool halls were often a shady front for illegal liquor and gambling dens – certainly no place for a lady!

Those days are long gone!

A century on the pool hall is a place to socialise and engage in a safe, friendly and relaxed atmosphere. So much so that girls’ schools throughout Australia are taking advantage of that atmosphere and putting cue sports firmly on the curriculum.

Cue Club offers a safe, clean and comfortable environment for young women to chalk up, learn and practice life skills that will carry them confidently into the future.

Cue sports empower girls!

  • Cue sports are STEM in action, and a fun way to foster an understanding of math, geometry and even physics. It’s a great way to get girls enthusiastic about STEM!
  • Cue sports are a game of strategy and skill. They don’t require brute physical strength and prowess like many field sports; therefore girls match boys equally on the pool table.
  • All girl lessons and practice sessions in the non-threatening environment of the Ballroom , allows girls to practice their skills and gain confidence without judgement, distraction or having the tables monopolised.
  • Mixed tournaments offer girls from all girl schools a safe, fun and different way to socialise with boys and make new friends.
  • Cue sports can be played regardless of ability or disability. There’s no need for any girl to be left out or left behind.
  • Cue sports sharpen the mind and foster a healthy, competitive spirit.
  • Breaking down barriers in gap year travel! The universal game of pool is a great way to meet locals anywhere in the world. It breaks down language barriers and opens the door to friendship and opportunity in the most unlikely of places – from pubs and shantytown bars to social clubs and stately homes.

Talk to us at the Ballroom about how we can help to empower the girls in your classes.

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